lazerDear Presenters,

MARK NIZER has been selected to be an approved and sponsored artist in the 2007-2008 Virginia Commission of the Arts program. If you haven't yet received the catalog you will shortly. The grant money will give presenters a break on the price (up to %50) and will be given out on a first come first serve basis. This will allow presenters to bring Mark in at a substantial savings.

Contact Gerri at DCA Productions at 1-800-659-2063 or via email at today.

mark nizer-entertainer of the yearTHE SHOW
The show is a 90 minute romp that will change the way you think about gravity and the limits of imagination. Mark Nizer lights his show with video projectors (which he supplies). Lazer juggling, a dimension beam that converts movement to music allows Mark to play music while juggling. 30 years in the making this is a one man show that can fill any stage space. From an intimate 200 seat black box to 3000 plus venues, Mark will reach everyone.

paramount theatre-sold outWHO IS THE SHOW FOR?
Mark has performed for all ages, from a school outreach, to a late night college audience to 30 corporate CEO's, to 3000 seat theatre. Mark's unique combination of skill, creativity, originality, humor, music and charisma makes his show perfect for all ages. A family show that will keep the interest of teens, young kids and parents alike.

See the video at and treat your patrons to something they will never forget.



"Nothing less than brilliant!"

-Performance Magazine

"A phenomenal juggler and hilarious comedian"

-The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC

"Both Michael Moschen and Mark Nizer were standouts! "

-Variety, review of Just For Laughs Festival

"One of the best practitioners of the art."

-Los Angeles Times

"You'll be on your feet for this amazing juggler and his hilarious one man show!"

-Walt Disney Cruise Line

"Mark Nizer is the genuine thing. More than an incredible juggler, he is a talented entertainer who can take any situation and run with exceptional blend of comedy and the art of juggling. "

-Campus Activities Magazine

From the minute he stepped on stage, until the standing ovation at the end of his performance he held the audience spellbound.

-Pamela Thompson: Northwestern College

Your performance is witty, your juggling superb...I would not hesitate to recommend you to any presenter.

-Jenneth Webster Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

"You are truly one of the greatest, combining comedy, juggling skill, atheticism, grace and good looks in a highly appealing and professional manner:

-Bill Giduz, editor, Jugglers World Magazine

Marks performance was hot! Mark worked the crowd like magic, appealing to the great variety of ages present. His juggling and comedy was flawless. He is one of two performers in our history who has received a standing ovation and we are a tough crowd.

-Michelle Komorowski: Univ. of Texas Tyler

Mark Nizer is a gifted performer with a fine sense of comic timing. Nizer's juggling is top notch, too, accompanied by razorsharp dialogue. Even when working with volunteers, his wit is lively and his delivery is on target.

-Jerry Martin, JUGGLE Magazine

Mark has an awesome show. Mark is the first entertainer all year to receive a standing ovation. One of the best shows we have had...

-Director of Student Activities: Waldorf College

The show was great Friday! Thanks for doing such a superb job. I plan to speak with our performing arts staff about bringing you in again next year.

-James Bass, Assistant Director/Program DirectorThe University of North Carolina at Pembroke

"Without a doubt the hottest juggler on the entertainment market, Mark Nizer is simply incredible."

-Entertainment Magazine

"Supremely Entertaining."

-Jennifer Reading, Fordham University, Bronx, NY

"MARK WAS SENSATIONAL. Thanks for sharing Mark Nizer with Louisiana. His performance and message will long be remembered with great fondness."

-Phil Gugliuzza, Executive Director for the Louisiana Association of Student


Contact Gerri at DCA Productions at 1-800-659-2063 or via email at today.