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Corporate Clients include:

Cisco Systems

Computer Science Corporation
Harley Davidson
The Concours Group
Group One Software
Superior Essex
State Farm Insurance
John Deere
Integic Corporation
National Assoc. of Broadcasters
Carleton Technologies
Grain Processing Corporation
Ohio Bankers Association
Impact Solutions
Metroplex Health System
Branson Ultrasonic

Experience More with Mark Nizer

Mark Nizer can custom tailor his performance to work in your products and message. His writing has helped corporations around the world roll out new products, celebrate a successful year or get the message out. His unique juggling talent lets him include your products in his presentation. There is no limit to what is possible. From Harley Davidson Motorcycle parts to Bethlehem Steels steel girders to toilet paper, Mark has juggled it all.

A winning combination is to combine a afternoon interactive workshop with a evening performance to reinforce and demonstrate the concepts from the day as well as entertain.

Mark offers several different programs to fit your needs.

Who is this guy?

Mark Nizer has taken his unique performance and workshops to thousands of venues around the world. Weather it's a roll out of a new Harley Davidson product or keeping a small group of Fortune 100 executives enthralled for an hour, Mark can grab your groups attention and never let it go.

Workshop Options

  • Multitasking - Making more of your time count
    This interactive workshop combines a multimedia presentation and lecture with a hands on workshop to teach the principles of productive multi-tasking. In today's busy competitive business world, where we focus our attention at what time can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Making the Impossible Possible - Team Building
    This event is designed to give a new perspective on a problem and how to new solutions not thought of before. Topics include:

    • How to look at a problem from a different point of view
    Explore new solutions with a whack on the side of the head



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