Mark Nizer juggling Mark Nizer comedy juggling at its very best

The Juggler Your Mother Warned You About!

Mark Nizer has changed the way people view the world. The impossible is possible, the improbable is probable. Since winning the International Juggling Championships Mark has taken his one man show to thousands of venues around the world, including The Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, 3 times.

His invention of new juggling tricks and juggling technologies, combined with his unique wit have set him apart from his peers. Imagine, 4 Lasers being juggled at 1000 rpms, with the spinning laser beams dancing just above the audiences heads. You'll see why Performance Magazine called his show "nothing less than brilliant".

Original comedy, world class juggling juggle, movement, music and technology, has made Mark's performance one of the most popular corporate and theatrical events in the entertainment market today. Whether it's 5 ping pong balls being thrown 20 feet in the air using only his mouth; or juggling a burning propane tank, a running electric carving knife and a 16 pound bowling ball, you'll never know what is possible until you see for yourself.

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Mark is the definition of JUGGLER...See why.

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The Mark Nizer Story

One day (24 years ago) Mark's mother signed him up for a juggling class. With the help of that juggling teacher (Hemlock), he learned how to juggle and has been juggling ever since. 25 years later juggling has been his only "real job" and he continues to learn and invent new juggling tricks and juggling technologies everyday. He has toured the world. Performing at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, on Arsenio Hall, Carolines Comedy Hour and Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. Mark won first place in the International juggling championships and won comedian of the year in the NACA and APCA college markets. Mark has performed with George Burns, Bob Hope (including flying with him on his private lear jet), Ray Charles and many other dead performers. Is there a link? You be the judge.

Juggling has been a a way of life for Nizer. "Juggling has helped me learn patience and control." said Nizer, " I juggle almost every prop with the exception of shaker cups."

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