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Performing Arts Tech Sheets (PDF)

 Items needed to be supplied for the show. PR Resources Corporate Events Tech Sheets (PDF)
NOTE: Mark is very flexible. These tech sheets are for performing arts venues and represent the ultimate of what is needed. Mark will adjust his needs to fit in to ANY situation.

To preview and print our (PDF) Brochures, you must use Acrobat Reader. A downloadable link is provided if you dont have Acrobat Reader available.

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11 x 17 Posters
  • Write in the Date ,Time and Place in bold lettering in the space provided.
  • Put up in Dorms, Student Center and appropriate buildings on campus.
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Table Tents

  • Write in the Date ,Time and Place, in bold lettering, in the space provided.
  • Fold in half; so they will stand up on the tables.
  • Put on performance area tables at a prior event to advertise the upcoming show and promote attendance.
  • Save a few for prominent places were students frequent ie. snack bar,Cafeteria etc.
  • Make sure the custodians don't throw them away.

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Press Release

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Newspaper Ads

  • Print or photocopy as many as you need.
  • Type in the Date ,Time and Place in the space provided.
  • Email or give to school and local Newspapers.
  • You can also print or photocopy extras and use as "mini-posters".

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TV Commercial (60 seconds)

Give to Local TV Station or play in public areas.

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MP3 Radio Ad

Download and give to Local Radio Station via email or burn a CD and deliver it. This is also available on CD.
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Printable Quality Digital Photos

Choose the photo online that you like and download it to your computer. You can use it in any ad layout or print job; including Newspapers, Magazines, Show Programs, etc.

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Teachers Study Guide (pdf) (1.5 megs)

Mark Nizer in association with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts created this Teachers Study Guide © 1995-2003 as a resource to presenters and teachers to give a background and other useful information prior to his performance.

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Send out this cool and effective ad; a great way to get the word out.

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